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Welcome and get ready! Now, we’re going to tell you the story of Atlas World…

Once upon a time, an ancient Greek proverb said “Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago”. These trees, and many more to come, will be planted in our Atlas World.

This is also YOUR story, the JOURNEY of a brave hero animated by strong values wishing to shape a better world.

If you’re still reading, probably you’re the kind of person we want to cooperate with. We’re looking for those heroes and leaders – motivated individuals who believe in changing the world, together!

The main characters of our story are driven by: Ethics, Sustainability, Creativity.

Ethics is the bravest aspect: it defines the subtle difference between mere success and the importance of the path leading towards it. Success and integrity are surely entailed in the ability to imagine and realize a better world for each one of us – but only if we also respect and protect the people we work for and with, and the society we live in. As ethical leaders, therefore, the point is not short-term profit-making, but long-term thinking. In this respect, we need to be brave and follow the heroes’ path – those who, with integrity, lead as an example and inspire us to plow forward. Are you brave enough to join the community?

Sustainability is the number-one value. It’s extremely important to care for people, but also for natural resources, in an ethical manner. We can ensure that we do not harm others, starting with our local communities and environment. There is no “Planet B”. The seeds we plant every day in our minds and on the ground become the plant it’s possible to enjoy tomorrow. We have to keep in mind that responsibility is the starting point. Do you feel the responsibility to take on this task?

Creativity is the most aware attribute. It delivers fresh air. We always ensure to leave enough space for new ideas to flourish. Behind every change, every innovation lies the spark of creativity. Thinking out of the box and awareness are the keys to achieving any audacious goal and transforming your dreams into reality. But creativity is not an end in and of itself; it’s something that unleashes and generates new energies. Are you ready to tap into your creativity to be part of this change and growth?

We must take action now, together, TO START THIS JOURNEY. Are you ready to join the community of heroes who can, together, shape a better world?

Now, like every good writer faced with an incomplete bestseller, you have the opportunity to put yourself into the game, and join us on this journey to write the NEXT chapter together: We can be the ones who plant those trees!

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